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I am many things, but mostly I am me.

Chicana, student, queer. Human.
  • Gringxs on Halloween and Dia de Muertos: Well that's not what I learned in Cultural Studies 101 so let me tell you what your culture is REALLY like.

Anonymous asked: so what's the reason you don't like white girls? simply you just find them unattractive orrrrr?




I only date women of color. A white woman can’t understand a colored mans struggle in the world of corporate America or the prejudice we face.

A colored woman can Understand and EMPATHIZE with you, a white woman can sympathize but they can’t understand it.

At all. Most white women don’t even have a fucking PART of a clue what we face. They live in their own bubble of denial and pumpkin spice Starbucks most of the time.

I can’t be with a white woman because some to most of the time, they only see black men as a way to piss off their dad, or see us for our dicks, and the stereotype we talk “HOOD” and they find that sexy.

They don’t like us for us, they only like us because were black. We are fetishized by white women subconsciously, rather than cared for.

So, I’d really rather date a woman of color.

Yup. PoC problems

I think there comes a time when you meet someone and you just want to make them smile for the rest of your life.

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Articles about suicide in women focus more on sociability, relationships with other people and motives that are anchored in the family environment. Psychiatric illnesses are also cited as a motive and are described in a stigmatizing manner. More complex language and cautious expressions are also the hallmarks of articles about female suicide. In contrast, the articles about male suicide use more words that relate to anger and rejection.